Fertility Cleansing: Is It Safe, Does It Work?

Natural Fertility TreatmentsThere are many different natural fertility remedies that women (and sometimes men) can use to improve their fertility naturally.  One method that has becoming increasingly popular in recent years is fertility cleansing. There are several fertility cleanse kits available for purchase (some quite expensive, costing several hundred dollars) and there are also basic body cleanse systems such as the Master Cleanse that can be used for a fertility cleanses (and tend to be much more affordable as well).

But what exactly is a fertility cleanse, and how safe is it? The purpose of a fertility cleanse is to clear the body of accumulated toxins.  Over a woman’s lifetime she will be exposed to numerous chemicals, including pesticides (found on vegetables and fruits), hormones (found in meat, eggs and dairy products) and other dangerous substances such as mercury (found in fish). Household cleaners, environmental pollutants, plastics, smoke and many other substances that we come into contact in our everyday lives also all contain toxins that are rapidly absorbed by the body.

The liver is the body’s primary mechanism by which to eliminate many of these toxins. However, given the quantity of toxins our bodies are exposed to, even the most healthy individuals still have problems eliminating them all from our system. When it comes to conceiving, these toxins are thought by many to be a primary source of infertility, and one of the reasons that infertility rates have soared in recent decades.

Cleansing programs work by targeting the liver function. Often they involve following a semi-fast for ten days or more, and they frequently have dramatic results. Those who have completed fertility and regular cleanse programs will often discharge pounds of putrid bodily waste during the process. Because of its strict diet, however, cleanses programs can be difficult to adhere to and receiving support (either online or personal) is often the key to being able to successfully complete the cleanse program.

But are they safe and successful? In general, fertility cleanses should pose no risk to women if they are used for the recommended period of time and in the manner instructed. However, they should not be used after a woman has become pregnant, as they can pose a risk to the developing fetus.

In terms of their overall success, many women interested in improving their fertility find that a fertility cleanse is most successful when combined with other natural fertility treatments into a comprehensive natural fertility program. Such programs will often combine a cleansing routine with practices such as acupuncture for fertility, fertility herbs, dietary changes and fertility massage.

One of the most successful natural fertility programs is the Pregnancy Miracle system developed by Lisa Olson.

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